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General Terms and conditions of Purchase
  1. These General Terms and Conditions of Purchase apply to all purchase inquiries, orders and agreements relating to the supply of goods to Oude Kazerne NV.
    Deviations from or additions to these General Terms and Conditions of Purchase require the written consent of Oude Kazerne NV.
    The supplier’s General Terms and Conditions, under whatever name, are not applicable.
    By doing business with us you implicity agree to this terms and conditions and their content.

  2. An order from us is not final until the supplier has received a signed order FROM US with our heading, signed by both our CEO and CFO.
    Any other signed document will not accepted as a placed order.

  3. If the final delivery differs from the signed order, Oude Kazerne NV is only bound once Oude Kazerne NV has confirmed its agreement to the alteration in writing.

  4. A quotation from the supplier must precede the order. This quotation must contain at least the following information:
    • YOUR EAN code (European Article Number barcode).
    • Your article-number
    • Particulars of the article:
    • Name and brief description
    • Brand
    • Type
    • Colour
    • Size
    • Additional properties
    • Quantity
    • Unit price
    • Total order price
    • Allowed discount
    • ETD: date the goods are being shipped and delivered.
    • ETA : date that the goods are expected to arrive
    • Number of containers comprising the shipment and the capacity of each container
    • Agreed payment terms (Letter of Credit, Telegraphic Transfer, Payment on Presentation of Documents)
    • Agreed international commercial terms (CIF, FOB, ...) and shipping port
    • All required bank details (account number, name of bank, address, SWIFT code)

  5. Shipment procedure:
    • Orders of a product must be shipped as a whole and not divided into partial shipments.
    • Before shipment you'll send us a copy of the invoice and the packing list
    • SHIPMENT IS ONLY ALLOWED AFTER OUR APPROVAL. We will preserve ourself the right to decline every shipment that has been send without our permission
    • After shipment you'll send us a copy of the B/L

  6. It will be expected that all delivered articles will be furnished with cardboard tags and will have their own EAN-codes and barcodes. These will be provided by us and must be hung onto the articles by durable plastic fixations.
    If it is impossible to supply the article with a cardboard tags, it will be required that the article is furnished with our productlabel.

    If the supplier omits or gives an incorrect barcode on the delivered items, the supplier is required to pay Oude Kazerne NV a fee of 100 € for each missing or incorrectly placed productlabel.

  7. The packaging has to be stickered with our warehouse labels, provided by us. These labels will have their own EAN-code and barcode.
    If the supplier omits or gives an incorrect label on the delivered items, the supplier is required to pay Oude Kazerne NV a fee of 100 € for each missing or incorrectly placed label.

  8. A digital photograph of each product must be provided with resolution 2342 x 2231 pix and white background (CMYK 0%)

  9. Certificate of origin of each product must be provided

  10. The supplier warrants that the goods are of good quality and free of defects.
    The supplier also guarantees that all goods comply with all legal requirements as regards quality and safety in force in Belgium, the Netherlands and by extension Europe.

  11. If the goods do not appear to conform to the conditions stipulated in clause 10 above, the supplier shall at its own costs, on first request and at the option of Oude Kazerne NV either replace or repair the goods within two weeks under reimbursement of transport costs and loss of interest by Oude Kazerne NV, without prejudice to any other legal rights of Oude Kazerne NV.
    Should the supplier fail to meet its guarantee obligations, then Oude Kazerne NV has the right, at the costs of the supplier, to proceed with replacement or repair, with or without assistance from third parties.
    The same guarantee obligations as stipulated above shall apply to the supply of replaced or repaired goods.
    The supplier will also reimburse any possible further damage which Oude Kazerne may suffer as a consequence of the shortcomings mentioned in clause 9.

  12. The supplier is liable for all damages suffered by Oude Kazerne NV as a consequence of a deficiency of or shortcoming in the performance or consequential upon an act or omission by the supplier or its servants in relation to the supply.

  13. The delivery date or period(s) in the Agreement shall be construed as of the essence and shall apply to the entire delivery. In the event of circumstances giving rise to the expectation that (an) agreed delivery date or period(s) may be exceeded, the supplier must immediately notify Oude Kazerne NV of the same. If the supplier exceeds any agreed delivery date or period(s), Oude Kazerne NV is authorised, without prior notice to the supplier, to impose a fine of 5 per cent of the price of goods for each calendar week, with a portion of a calendar week being considered to count as a whole calendar week, up to a maximum of 50 per cent, which shall be immediately payable on the date of imposition. The imposition, collection or settling of this fine shall be without prejudice to the rights of Oude Kazerne NV to performance, compensation and termination.

  14. Agreements between Oude Kazerne NV and its suppliers are governed exclusively by Belgian law. All disputes between Oude Kazerne NV and its suppliers will be exclusively settled before the Commercial Court at Tongeren.


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